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  • Fighting and fitness. Combat Sports, MMA, Pro Wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, martial arts.
  • Strength Sports, bodybuilding, crossfit, strongman, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, arm wrestling, health, diet.
  • Martial arts movies, kung fu movies, action movies, actors, documentary and TV series.
  • Fighting games from all era.
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs, supplements, vitamins…
  • https://StrengthFighter.com
  • Celebrity Fashion, hypebeast, sneakerheads, urban streetwear. Anything that could be pertinent for a T-Shirts eCommerce.
  • https://PYGear.com/blog
  • Heavy Metal music, lifestyle & fashion (from glam metal to black metal). Punk rock music, lifestyle & fashion. Hip hop, rap, gangsta rap music, lifestyle & fashion.
  • Subculture related to each style. Examples outlaw bikers, Skinheads, street gangs, Bloods, Crips, Juggalos, etc.
  • Tattoos, body piercings… Anything that can be related to punk, heavy metal, and rap.
  • Rock n’ roll tales of debauchery.
  • Movies, TV series, and documentaries on the above topics.
  • https://PunkMetalRap.com
  • PROJECT: A brand new online magazine on diverse topics where all posts will be welcome. As long as the writing and topics are family-friendly. No gambling, no adult content, no swearing.
  • Contact us if you are interested to contribute in this brand new project.
  • Personal blog about finance, content creation, print-on-demand, blogging, and online businesses.
  • https://PYGOD.COM

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